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Boyle Statement on Impeachment Vote

December 18, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-02) gave the following statement today into the official House record to explain his votes in favor of both articles of impeachment—abuse of power and obstruction of Congress—against President Donald J. Trump:
“This is the fourth impeachment proceeding against a president of the United States, and the most serious. 
The president committed numerous crimes. He conditioned two official acts, hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid and an Oval Office meeting, on getting help for his campaign in return. When his bribery scheme was publicly exposed, he did everything possible to obstruct the investigation. 
Congress voted to grant hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to our ally Ukraine because it is both morally right and in our national interest to stand with them in their fight to preserve their independence against Russian aggression. I was one of the members of Congress who advocated and voted for this military aid. It was never intended to become a bargaining chip for the President to use to get foreign help for his re-election campaign. 
The factual evidence is clear and convincing. It was reinforced by the testimonies of every single fact witness, all of whom are career, nonpartisan public servants or Trump appointees.
So, the matter before us, ultimately, is not a question of fact, for the evidence is undisputed. Nor is it a question of law, as the Constitution is clear. The heart of the matter is this: will members of this House have the courage to choose fidelity to the Constitution over loyalty to political party?
The Constitution has endured for more than two centuries, not just because of the brilliance of our founders, but because of the commitment of generations of Americans to uphold it. For the sake of our Constitution, and the sake of our country, for Americans today and tomorrow, I urge all members to have the courage to vote yes.”