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Congressman Brendan Boyle Introduces Legislation to End “Dialing for Dollars” by Members of Congress

January 13, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC–  Today, Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-13) introduced landmark legislation to prevent Members of Congress from personally asking for campaign contributions.  The Stop Act, H.R. 528, would ensure that federal elected officials focus on serving their constituents rather than fundraising.

“The past election made absolutely clear that the American people are sick and tired of business as usual in Washington,” said Congressman Boyle.  “They want a government that works for them, not special interests.  This is a simple, straightforward way to do exactly that.  We will never make Washington work for the people until we fundamentally change the way we conduct our elections and reduce the influence of big money in politics.”

This bipartisan bill, cosponsored by Democrat Richard Nolan of Minnesota and Republican Walter Jones of North Carolina, was featured on 60 Minutes last year.

Congressman Boyle has long been a passionate advocate for the need to overhaul our campaign finance system, reduce the influence of money in politics, and publicly fund elections.  He will also be reintroducing his Clean Money Act, H.R. 6449 from the 114th Congress, which was recently highlighted in The Philadelphia Citizen