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Philadelphia Black Clergy Join Congressman Boyle To Announce Student Loan Legislation to Aid Faith-based Non-Profits

September 16, 2019
Press Release

PHILADELPHIA – Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-02) joined the Philadelphia Black Clergy today to formally announce his legislation (H.R. 4310) that would expand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program to those working for faith-based non-profits, including clergy. 

“Our clergy, and those who work for faith-based non-profits, all too often find themselves on the frontlines of our communities in times of distress,” said Congressman Boyle. “Their vocation compels them to take on a multitude of roles such as educators, guardians, and volunteer coordinators. I am proud to introduce legislation that will extend the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program to include this group of public servants that serve as the first responders in times of distress. Someone who sacrifices a higher pay or comfortable salary to enrich the lives of others should not be crippled by student loan debt.”

“As a seminary trained member of the clergy, I have had an awesome theological educational experience,” said Rev. Dr. Wayne M. Weathers of Vision of Hope Baptist Church. “However, the debt that I have incurred has been tremendous and despite providing over twenty years of experience transforming communities, I have not been able to eliminate my student loan debt. I commend Congressman Brendan Boyle for listening to the concerns of me and other clergy members and thus drafting legislation that provides student loan forgiveness for clergy.”  

Congress established the bipartisan loan forgiveness program in 2007 to help teachers, social workers, military personnel, and other public servants pursue sometimes lower-paying careers serving their communities without facing decades of crippling loan payments. The PSLF program allows borrowers to erase the balance of their student debt after working for a nonprofit or government employer for 10 years and making 120 qualifying loan payments. Currently, the PSLF program only exempts two professions in the non-profit sector: Members of Congress and Clergy. Congressman Boyle’s legislation would extend the PSLF program to those working for faith-based non-profits, including clergy. 

Congressman Boyle has been a strong advocate for this program for many years and has been at the frontline of the issues surrounding the program. He co-founded the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Caucus in 2017 to prioritize the importance of the program in Congress. Congressman Boyle also previously introduced and passed the PSLF Technical Corrections Act, H.R. 4399, with several of his colleagues to fix a glitch in the program that can leave teachers, soldiers, social workers, and other public servants with massive loan balances they thought would be forgiven after years of timely payments during public service employment.