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A Democrat’s Plea on the House Floor: ‘Say No to Oreos’

July 10, 2015
In The News

Add another name to the list of those vilified on the floor of the House of Representatives: the Oreo cookie.

Representative Brendan F. Boyle of Pennsylvania, a Democrat, lambasted Mondelez, the makers of the chocolate cookie and its cream filling, on Thursday for closing a plant in his home district and laying off 300 workers.

“The company that makes Oreo cookies and Ritz Crackers, two very well-known American brands, decided that for the first time in 60 years they would close their legendary Philadelphia plant in the heart of my district,” he said, while standing next to a “Say No to Oreo” placard that featured two cookies with a red line across them.

The sign drew some attention on social media, as even former Representative Anthony D. Weiner of New York chimed in: “Jeez, I leave town, and it’s open season on Oreos?!”

But for Mr. Boyle, the issue was as plain as black and white, as he concluded: “Mr. Speaker, it’s not right. Say no to Oreo.”

You can watch video of Congressman Boyle's floor speech here.