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Obama administration praises Northern Ireland deal

November 18, 2015
In The News

By Simon Carswell, Washington Correspondent

US vice-president Joe Biden led the Obama administration’s praise of the Northern Ireland political agreement, saying that he was “glad” to see a deal on reforms and the revival of the Stormont House Agreement.
“Good news out of Belfast today,” said Mr Biden in a message posted on Twitter.

Secretary of state John Kerry praised the political leaders saying that they deserved credit for the “considerable work and political courage” shown to resolve budgetary issues, implement institutional reforms and develop a framework to deal with paramilitaries.
“I commend the UK and Irish governments for patiently and steadfastly facilitating this successful outcome,” he said.

“I also urge all of Northern Ireland’s political leaders to support and fully implement this agreement. It was carefully constructed to deliver better and sustainable governance, as well as to advance Northern Ireland’s peace process for the benefit of all of the people of the region.”
Mr Kerry urged all of the parties to “continue their vital work to deal effectively with the past by creating the institutions set out in the Stormont House Agreement”.

America’s top diplomat said the US would continue to provide political support for the peace process and for the new agreement.
His personal representative, the former US senator Gary Hart would “continue his deep engagement in support of a peace and prosperous Northern Ireland, ” said Mr Kerry.

Democratic congressman Richie Neal of Massachusetts, co-chairman of the Friends of Ireland Caucus in Congress, said that he welcomed the agreement in Northern Ireland “in the strongest possible terms”.
“It proves developed government can work, consensus can be reached, and that politics is the only way forward,” he said.
“It is another significant step on the road to a shared future.”
The powersharing institutions had “a fresh start,” he said, and the hard work of building “a more inclusive, stable and bright future on the island of Ireland continues”.

Democratic congressman Brendan Boyle, whose father hails from Co Donegal, tweeted that he was “very encouraged” by the political agreement reached in Northern Ireland.
“The democratic institutions are the only way forward,” he said.