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Boyle statement regarding House passage of H.R.22, the DRIVE Act

November 5, 2015
Press Release

Congressman Brendan F. Boyle released the following statement regarding House passage of H.R.22, the DRIVE Act, a bipartisan bill providing $325 billion to reauthorize federal-aid highway and transit programs for six years.

“I am proud to be a part of the bipartisan cooperation that went into passing a long-term highway-transit reauthorization bill, but there remains much more work to be done to improve the bill in House-Senate conference and put us on a path to fixing our long term transportation problems.  The roads and bridges we commute on, on a daily basis, are crumbling.  It is time to invest in American infrastructure and create good paying construction jobs for hardworking Americans in Pennsylvania.  This is a matter of safety, efficiency, and economic growth.  We can only go so far by funding these priorities with budget gimmicks.”