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Boyle Statement on Senate Republicans' Failure to Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

July 30, 2020
Press Release
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-02) released the following statement on Senate Republicans’ recent proposal that fails to prioritize the millions of Americans struggling in this pandemic. 
“Over two months ago, House Democrats passed the Heroes Act to address food insecurity, the unprecedented number of unemployment claims, the housing crisis, school reopening plans, and the overall suffering caused by the coronavirus,” said Congressman Boyle. “Yet, over this two-month period, these issues have been largely untouched due to Senator McConnell’s and Senate Republicans’ inaction and lack of urgency. Their delay is the very reason why unemployment benefits, which have been critical to supporting over 30 million Americans, are expiring this week. 
I am outraged at their refusal to put politics aside and help the American people in a time of great need. It’s time for Senator McConnell to do his job and serve the people who elected us into office.” 
Unlike the Heroes Act, the Senate’s proposed coronavirus relief bill (HEALS Act) fails to provide the immediate relief the United States needs to overcome this pandemic. Several key areas of concern include: 
  • School Re-openings: This bill doesn’t provide nearly enough resources for all schools to follow CDC guidelines to safely reopen in the fall. 
  • Housing Security: The HEALS Act provides no emergency rental assistance and fails to extend the federal moratorium despite the growing housing crisis. 
  • State and Local Government Funding: The Senate is abandoning our health workers, first responders, teachers, and many other frontline workers by providing no state and local funding. 
  • Unemployment Insurance: The HEALS Act drastically cuts Unemployment Insurance by $400 dollars, making families choose between paying rent and putting food on the tables.  
  • Testing Capacity: The HEALS Act refuses to rely on science to have a strategic and well-funded, science-based testing plan even though the number of cases is noticeably rising. 
  • Corporations Over Families: The Senate is prioritizing corporations over working families by including liability immunity to employers who do not protect workers’ health and safety.