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Rep. Boyle Statement on Anti-Semitic Comments and Support for Israel

February 11, 2019
Press Release

“One can criticize the Israeli government without necessarily being anti-Semitic. Just like one can criticize the US government without necessarily being anti-American. However, there is simply no denying the fact that, for some, their anti-Israel views are rooted in anti-Semitism. 

Alluding to an old trope about Jews and money is, quite clearly, anti-Semitic. Regardless of political party, anti-Semitism must be loudly rejected, especially now at a time of increased anti-Semitic attacks, both here at home and abroad. 

I am a strong supporter of the right of Israel to exist. I make no apologies for this. I am also a supporter of the right of the Palestinian people to have their own homeland. As such, I have long supported a two-state solution to finally end this conflict. 

The United Nations first offered a two-state solution in 1947. One nation would be a homeland for the Jewish people, the other a homeland for the Palestinians. Israel accepted it. The Palestinians rejected it. It was offered again at Camp David in 2000. Israel accepted it. The Palestinians rejected it. Again, in 2008, it was offered, and again Israel accepted it, and again the Palestinians rejected it. 

I will continue to work to achieve peace in the Middle East, and I look forward to the day the Palestinians will have a leadership that puts the future of its own children over its desire to wipe Israel off the map.”